From The U.S. Mint


The 2012 World’s Fair of Money, took place August 7th to August 11th, 2012 in Philadelphia, and was commemorated with an official Chinese Panda 1oz .999 proof silver medal.

The 2012 Philadelphia ANA silver Panda medal carries on a tradition of China issuing Panda medals commemorating prestigious coin fairs - the first ANA show with an official medal from China was the 1985 Baltimore ANA show.




Chinese Panda medals were also issued for the 1986 New York ANA Convention, the 1987 Atlanta ANA Convention, and the 1988 Cincinnati ANA Convention. The last ANA show to have an official Panda medal was the 1989 Pittsburgh show. These Panda ANA medals are amongst the most popular Panda issued with low mintages of only 10,000. The 1987 and 1989 silver medals were selling in the $900.00 range during the 2012 show just concluded.

Get in on the ground floor with only 10 medals now in stock at the price of  $175  which may not remain this low for very long.


To celebrate the United States Mint’s 220th year and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing’s 150th year of service to our country, this Making American History Coin and Currency Set features a coin and a note made in America. This 2012 American Eagle Silver Proof Coin not only honors the artistry and design of our Nation’s coins, but also honors the heritage of coin production at the United States Mint at San Francisco. This modern rendition of sculptor Adolph A. Weinman’s magnificent “Walking Liberty” design was originally prepared for the Nation’s circulating half-dollar in 1916 In tribute to his artistry, Weinman’s Walking Liberty design was adapted for

the heads (obverse) design of the American Eagle Silver Coin. The design features the full-length figure of Liberty in stride, enveloped in folds of the flag with branches of laurel and oak in her hand. The tails (reverse) of the American Eagle Silver Coin features a design reminiscent of the heraldic eagles seen on some of our country’s earliest coins. United States Mint Sculptor-Engraver John Mercanti executed this design, incorporating other classic elements of American coinage, such as an olive branch, arrows and 13 stars.

The Series 2009 $5 note commemorates the Bureau of Engraving and Printing’s 150 years of service with a serial number beginning with “150” and bears the signature of Treasurer of the United States Rosie Rios and the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank designation. Abraham Lincoln, whose portrait appears on the face of the Series 2009 $5 note, was the 16th President of the United States and served in that capacity during the American Civil War (1861-1865). The first $5 note to feature the portrait of Lincoln was the Series 1914 $5 Federal Reserve Note. The portrait of Lincoln appearing on the Series 2009 $5 note was engraved in 1998 by William Fleishell III and Thomas Hipschen. The vignette of the east façade of the Lincoln Memorial featured on the back of the Series 2009 $5 note was also engraved by Thomas Hipschen in 1998. This vignette is based on earlier engravings by Joachim C. Benzine and Howard I. Earle. The Lincoln Memorial was first featured on the Series 1928 $5 note….  Set $99   Prices forecast to increase substantially in the coming weeks.



US# 001  2006 20th .999 ASE Anniversary Set $349


US# 002 - 1993 S Prestige Proof Set $61


US# 003 - 1993 S Thomas Jefferson 250th Anniv. Proof $45


US# 004 - 1994 S Premier Silver Proof Set $39


US# 005 - 1994 S Proof World Cup Proof $45

US# 006 - 1993 S Premier Silver Proof Set $39


US# 007 - 1993 S 50th Anniv WWII Proof Set or US# 008 - 1993 P 50th  Unc Set $55 ea.




  US# 009 - 1992 D Unc Columbus Quincentenary Half Dollar $39


US# 010 - 1986 S Ellis Island Proof  $45

  US# 011 - 2002 S US Military Academy Proof $48

US# 013 - 2007 Little Rock High School Desegregation Unc. Silver Dollars & Medal Set $50

US# 012 - 2003 P First Flight Centennial Unc. $45


US# 014 - 2005 S Justice John Marshall Proof  $57

US# 015 - 1987S Constitution Bicentennial Proof $40

US# 016 - 2004 S Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Proof $54 US# 017 - 2003 National Wildlife Refuge System Proof  $45

US# 020 - 2003 W ASE Proof $49

US# 018 - 2007 S Little Rock High School US# 018 -  US# 019 - Desegregation Proof $50

US# 021 - 2005S Marine Corps 230th Anniv. Proof $58 US# 022 - 2004S Thomas Edison Proof $57

US# 023 - 1992 D The White House 200th Anniv. Proof Silver Dollar $48

US# 024 - 2011W Burnished ASE $60

US# 025 - 1986 S Statue of Liberty Half Dollar $7


 US# 026 - 1976S Silver Proof Set or Unc. Set $25


US# 027 - 2009 P&D Mint Set   $40

US# 028 - 1982 Proof or US# 029 - Unc Washington Silver Half Dollar   $14